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Into the Matrix


Release date:
March 20th, 2014
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Retroactive Records
None yet
1. We Got Rhythm 03:22  
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2. Who Killed the Rock Hero 03:27  
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3. Get Away 03:14  
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4. What's the Point 04:43  
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5. Stand Up and Shout 03:03  
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6. West of the Moon 02:16  
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7. Spell House 03:16  
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8. To Make You Think It's Real 03:04  
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9. Heroes 03:31  
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10. Now He Is Gone 03:21  
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11. Remember Me 04:25  
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12. Now You See Me (Now You Don't) 03:08  
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13. All Hallow's Eve 02:38  
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14. Slippin' into the Light 03:01  
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15. We Are Going to Make It 03:38  
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16. Forever in Darkness 02:56  
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17. He's the Flyer 03:39  
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18. Follow Your Heart 04:24  
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19. I Can Fly Now 03:38  
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20. Melissa 03:17  
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Re-release of the Matrix's "1983-1984" self-released compilation CD which was printed in limited quantity in 1994, this time under the band name Bride on the cover

All songs taken from the Matrix demo tapes:

01-08: "PG13" Demo Tape 1983 (the song "Missing Children" is not included)
09-18: "Monkey See, Monkey Do" Demo Tape 1984
19: previously unreleased, recorded for "Show No Mercy", but didn't make the final cut
20: previously unreleased, not the same recording from "Silent Madness" Demo


Barcode: 8 45121 06710 1

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