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Release date:
September 1999
Catalog ID:
Auburn Records
None yet
1. Breaker (Accept cover) 03:41   Show lyrics
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2. Still Life 03:28   Show lyrics
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3. 10 Seconds In 04:26   Show lyrics
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4. Action 04:33   Show lyrics
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5. Life of Crime 04:05  
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6. Sleepless Nights (Rehearsal demo) 05:00   Show lyrics
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7. Untitled (Hidden track) 06:06  
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Brook Hodges Bass (tracks 4, 5)
Mark Klein Drums
Don Depew Guitars, Bass (tracks 1, 2)
Michael Klein Guitars
Ian Shipley Bass (tracks 3, 6)
Jim Hamar Vocals
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Track 2 is from the Auburn Records compilation "Heavy Artillery" (1990)
Track 3 is from the album "Get Tough!".

Includes a hidden unlisted track bookended by 2 sections of 2 minutes of silence each. The track is a 2-minute untitled joke song of Breaker playing funk.

Recording information:

Track 1 recorded at 609 Recording Studios, Cleveland, in 1999.
Track 2 recorded at Beachwood Studios, Cleveland, in 1989 (released in 1990)
Track 3 recorded at Suma Recording Studios, Painesville, in 1984 (released in 1987).
Tracks 4 and 5 recorded at Beachwood Studios, Cleveland, in 1990.
Track 6 recorded at Breakers rehearsal spot, in 1982.


Barcode: 099023100125

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