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Septic Shock

Bowel Fetus / Rapist With No Penis / Basket Of Death / Outhouse

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Septic System
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1. Rapist With No Penis - Reptilian Humanoid  
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2. Rapist With No Penis - Anunnaki  
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3. Rapist With No Penis - Intersplicing Genetic Material  
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4. Rapist With No Penis - Draco  
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5. Bowel Fetus - Death Begins in the Colon  
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6. Basket Of Death - Hentai Slave Vacuum Cleaner Sodomy  
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7. Basket Of Death - Gamen Hounyo Torture Nuru Nuru Rochson  
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8. Basket Of Death - Nanpa Sex Beast Gokugan Pure  
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9. Basket Of Death - Tako Sex Paste  
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10. Outhouse - Invasive Anal Entry - Mulecular Meltdown - Therapeutic Cock-Chop - Anti-Anesthetic Penis peel  
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Bowel Fetus
Jayde Drums
Glen Vocals, Guitars, Bass
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