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Vow Wow Live

Bow Wow

Live album
Release date:
July 31st, 1986
Catalog ID:
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
None yet
Side A
1. Introduction~Beat of Metal Motion 05:40  
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2. Doncha Wanna Cum (Hangar 15) 04:03  
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3. Too Late to Turn Back 03:59  
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4. Mask of Flesh 04:49  
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5. Pains of Love 06:54  
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Side B
6. Love Walks 05:44  
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7. Premonition 01:17   instrumental
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8. Hurricane 05:37  
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9. Shot in the Dark 05:19  
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10. Nightless City 05:42  
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Shortened LP version of the Hard Rock Night CD, released a few weeks prior to the CD.

Re-released internationally in 1987 by Passport Records with slightly altered cover artwork. Track 3 was renamed to "Doncha Wanna Come (Hangar 15)".


Barcode: 4988006004306

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