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Borean Dusk

Borean Dusk

Release date:
August 31st, 2010
Catalog ID:
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1. Wolf-Totem 08:53   instrumental
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2. Blood on the Hoar-Frost: I. Spoor, II. March of the Gargantuas, III. The Ravens' Banquet 14:04   instrumental
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3. Scarab Wings and Scorpion Eyes: I. Sarcophagus Riven, II. Beyond the Stygian Veil, III. Nomad of the Outer Nebulae 19:19   instrumental
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4. Lord of the Tundra: I. Stalker of the Sapphire Dawn, II. Thunder in the Iron Skull, III. Crowbringer 12:22   instrumental
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Jeff Burnett Bass (electric, acoustic), Irish bouzouki, Octave mandolin
Gunnar Swensen Drums, Percussion
John Hardin Guitars (electric, acoustic), 12-string guitar (acoustic)
Tom Taylor Guitars (electric, classical)
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Tracks 2 -- 4 is "Blood On the Hoar-Frost" (14:04).
Tracks 5 -- 7 is "Scarab Wings And Scorpion Eyes" (19:19).
Tracks 8 -- 10 is "Lord of the Tundra" (12:22).

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