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Bone Awl > Undying Glare
Bone Awl - Undying Glare
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Undying Glare

Bone Awl

Release date:
May 2nd, 2007
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Nuclear War Now! Productions
7" vinyl
1 review (avg. 42%)
1. Visions of Altitude 01:44   Show lyrics
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2. Undying Glare 00:34   Show lyrics
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3. Passing Through Shadows 01:35   Show lyrics
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Read The band's low point 42% iamntbatman November 22nd, 2009

Clear vinyl

Originally came with the Die-hard version of the 'Meaningless Leaning Mess' LP. Because this sold out so quickly (in about 8 hours), NWN! repressed it on black vinyl (800 copies) and grey vinyl (200 copies) and it was sold alone for those that missed out.

Original release with the MLM LP: 27 Feb 2007
Reissue by itself: 2nd May 2007

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