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Bone Awl > All Has Red
Bone Awl - All Has Red
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All Has Red

Bone Awl

Release date:
December 2007
Catalog ID:
KLX 019
Klaxon Records
300 copies
1 review (avg. 85%)
Side A
1. Without Hesitation 01:58   Show lyrics
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2. Meaningless Leaning Mess 01:37   Show lyrics
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3. Curse, Forget Me 02:20  
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4. Circles of Hair 02:09   Show lyrics
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5. I Am Only Alone 01:05   Show lyrics
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6. Pendulum 01:59   Show lyrics
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Side B
7. Will to Die 01:10  
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8. Undying Glare 00:44   Show lyrics
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9. Big Decisions 02:14   Show lyrics
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10. Without Hate 02:25  
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11. I Feel Tension 02:06   Show lyrics
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Read Ah, here's the Bone Awl we... 85% iamntbatman November 22nd, 2009

Rehearsal cassette. All previously released songs except 'Curse, Forget Me'.

Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.
First 30 copies come with barbed wire (from Stigmata).
All other copies come bound by rope (from Stigmata) or in an extra slipcase (Klaxon).

Reissue released by Klaxon Records in 2009 with full-color cover, and pro printed red tapes in 2 editions, showing the band members' faces.

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