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Bloodwork > Just Let Me Rot
Bloodwork - Just Let Me Rot
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Feed on the Dead
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Feed on the Dead

Just Let Me Rot


Release date:
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1. Defecating Broken Glass 02:23   Show lyrics
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2. Cunt Suffocation 02:20   Show lyrics
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3. Asphyxiant Cum Load 02:57   Show lyrics
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4. Suck My Cut Finger 03:02   Show lyrics
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5. Human Slaughterhouse 03:54   Show lyrics
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6. Rotten 69 02:10   Show lyrics
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7. Necro Sex Club 03:10   Show lyrics
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8. Toothed Vagina 01:49   Show lyrics
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Band members
Henrique Joner Bass
Felipe Nienow Drums
Rafael Lubini Guitars
Fabiano Werle Vocals
Deleon Vith Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
Marcos Miller Artwork
Rafael Lubini Layout
Sebastian Sebb C.C. Mastering
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Release and distribution by seals: Rapture Records, Rock Animal, Blasphemic Art, Rotten Foetus Records and Terceiro Mundo Chaos Discos.

Recording information:

Engineered and Mixed by Sebastian Carsin and Bloodwork
Produced by Sebastian Carsin and Bloodwork
Recorded at Hurricane Studios
Mastered by Sebastian Carsin
Artwork by Marcos Miller
Photos by Francisco Rocha
Layout by Rafael Lubini

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