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Bloodsoaked > Frost Image
Bloodsoaked - Frost Image
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The Omen

Frost Image


Release date:
May 29th, 1993
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Rock Action
1000 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Became Frost Image 04:17   Show lyrics
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2. Emptiness 02:59   Show lyrics
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3. Terminal Sickness 03:03   Show lyrics
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4. Soul Eater 03:13   Show lyrics
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5. Insensible (Drive Me) 03:15   Show lyrics
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6. Frigid Prescence 03:39   Show lyrics
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Side B
7. Sadness to Come 04:23  
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8. Naked Flame 03:05   Show lyrics
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9. Confused Wires 02:38   Show lyrics
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10. Doorside to Nowhere 03:09   Show lyrics
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11. Abssesion 03:41   Show lyrics
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12. Mising the Light 03:34   Show lyrics
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Jeff Bass, Vocals
Eddie Guitars
Donovan Drums
David Guitars
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All keyboards courtesy of Andres Urrutia

Produced by Bloodsoaked & Rock n Roll Circus.
Design by Arturo Fdz (r2).

The song "Doorside to Nowhere" was called "Dimentional Encounter" within the lyrics.

Recording information:

Recorded & mixed at Opus Audio Studios by Fernando Mtz. del Campo between September 17-20, 1992.

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