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Blood of the Black Owl > WARmth
Blood of the Black Owl - WARmth

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Rivers Within Shadows


Blood of the Black Owl

Release date:
August 13th, 2015
Catalog ID:
Glass Throat Recordings / Visions
None yet
1. Two Feathers Become Nauthiz 16:08   Show lyrics
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2. Obsidian Clearing Through Dawn 06:59   instrumental
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3. Rise: A Path Towards Seeing 06:44   Show lyrics
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4. The Medicine Within 13:17   Show lyrics
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5. Hold Horizon Inside 06:06   Show lyrics
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6. Shadow Vision: An Illumination of Black Fire! 10:10   Show lyrics
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7. Solitude: Flame Rekindled Spirit 08:12   Show lyrics
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8. Luminous in WARmth 10:51   Show lyrics
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9. Totems of Transformation 10:54   Show lyrics
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MP3 at 320 kbps.

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