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Sleaze Merchants

Blood Freak

Release date:
November 18th, 2003
Catalog ID:
Razorback Recordings
3 reviews (avg. 90%)
1. Warning 00:12  
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2. Feast of the Undead 02:24  
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3. Blood, Blood, and More Blood! 02:27  
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4. Grinding Up the Dead 01:12  
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5. Bloodthirsty Butchers from Beyond 01:07  
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6. Flesheaters from Outerspace 01:52  
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7. The Gruesome Gorehounds 01:39  
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8. Infested with Worms 00:43  
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9. The Cult of the Cannibal Freaks 01:07  
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10. I Rip Your Flesh 01:38  
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11. Gobble Up Your Guts 02:09  
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12. The Slaughterhouse 01:27  
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13. You Are What We Eat! 00:52  
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14. Werewolf a-Gore-Gore 01:33  
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15. Kill! Kill! Kill! 02:21  
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16. A Brutal Orgy of Ghastly Terror! 02:34  
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17. Awakening the Beast 04:06  
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18. Insane for Gore 01:21  
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19. (No Name) 01:50  
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20. I Said... Murder! 01:33  
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21. Dr. Cannibal 01:04  
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22. A Happy Ending 01:44  
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Maniac Neil Lead Guitar, Bass, Vocals
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At this point in Blood Freak's history, the band was said to once be a prototypical Death/Grind band from the Portland Oregon area who started in the late 80's and recorded what was to be their debut full length in 1990; which was never finished or released (stating the reasoning being that the drummer left in the band in the midst of the recording session).

Exact reasons why it was decided to try the "fake band from the 90's" scenario is unknown. It was revealed that it was Neil Smith the whole time due to him wanting to receive actual recognition for being the band (and to possibly move past the idea that it was a joke band concept).

Tracks 20 through 22 moonlighted as "demo tracks from December 1988" but in actuality were recorded after the full length material, to try to add extra authenticity to the bands prior existence.

Recording information:

All tracks mixed and mastered at Death Nerve Studios April 2003.
All samples, intros and outros added April 2003.


Matrix / Runout: WWW.FURNACECD.COM-RR22 MD01K5901
Mastering SID Code: ifpi LE53
Mould SID Code: IFPI 9B88

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