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Blood Coven > Battle Cult Empire
Blood Coven - Battle Cult Empire
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Blood and Battle

Battle Cult Empire

Blood Coven

Release date:
April 29th, 2011
Catalog ID:
Bloodfiend Productions
None yet
1. Let Rome Burn 04:30  
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2. Hematemesis 06:13  
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3. Blood (extended version) 00:05  
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4. Dragged from the Grave 04:42  
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5. The Heathen Nemesis 07:21  
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6. Godless and Wicked 06:20  
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7. 793 - The Fall of Lindisfarne 02:29  
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8. Feel My Steel 04:46  
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9. Kill for Peace (War Forever) 08:12  
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10. [untitled] 00:03  
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Steve Rolf Bass, Vocals (additional)
Billy Paxton (R.I.P. 2019) Drums, Vocals (additional)
Aaron Katavitch Guitars
Dann Saladin Guitars, Vocals
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Track 10 is not credited on disc This Track Appears on Bandcamp version under the title "Beer".

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