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Return to Nuclear Hell


Release date:
November 19th, 2010
Catalog ID:
Nuclear War Now! Productions
12" vinyl
None yet
Side A
1. Nuclear Apocalypse (Intro) 00:44  
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2. Cult of Nuclear Hell 02:18  
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3. Quantum Spear of Annihilation 02:34  
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4. Crawling Nuclear Chaos 03:19  
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5. Experimental Condemnation to Eternal Agony 03:07  
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6. Curse of the Phosgene Fog 03:19  
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Side B
7. Thermonuclear Devastation (Onslaught cover) 01:01  
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8. Emperor of the Black Abyss (Blasphemy cover) 02:51  
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9. Growing Lifeless Desert 03:13  
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10. Death, Disgust & Apocalypse 03:30  
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11. Mutant Progeny of Terror 04:41  
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12. Lord of Death Continuum 02:52  
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Miscellaneous staff
Justin Stubbs Layout, Design
Paolo "Madman" Girardi Cover art
Justin Stubbs Layout, Design
Paolo "Madman" Girardi Cover art
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Comes with a poster and a printed insert.

Released during the NWN! Fest Volume II on November 19th, 2010 in Berlin, Germany.

Compedium of all Blasphemophagher metal evocations performed between 2004 and 2008 and never released on vinyl before. All the old audio material was put together with the original raw sound without remix.

Tracks 1 to 8: "Cult of Nuclear Hell" split CD with Bestial Raids (2005).
Tracks 9 to 11: "Tyrannous Mutations of Sathanas" split CD with Almighty Sathanas and Tyrants Blood (2008).
Track 12 is a bonus track from upcoming album "The III Command of the Absolute Chaos" (2011).

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