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Black Torment > Satanic Holocaust
Black Torment - Satanic Holocaust

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Satanic Holocaust

Black Torment

Release date:
July 5th, 2007
Catalog ID:
OCR 07
Old Cemetery Records
None yet
1. Diabolical Supreme Evil Beast 07:04  
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2. Unholy Hymns to the Triumph of Evil 04:30  
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3. Gates of Hell 03:07  
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4. Satanic Holocaust 03:48  
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5. Await the Final Call (Do You Want to Die?) 03:36   Show lyrics
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6. Ejaculation over the Face of Christ (Infernal Feast) 01:16  
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7. Howling Wolves Summoning Countess Armies Without Human Heart Towards the Gates of Heaven 04:41  
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8. Everlasting Flame of Satan in My Heart 05:03  
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9. Killed by the Cross (Nunslaughter cover) 02:10   Show lyrics
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Lord Wicked Drums
Warlord Guitars
Aghast Vocals
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Barcode: 8 27166 13012 5

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