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Black Torment > Nights of the Black Moon
Black Torment - Nights of the Black Moon
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Nights of the Black Moon

Black Torment

Release date:
June 14th, 2009
Catalog ID:
Angzerdeath Records
None yet
1. Intro/Temple of Sodomy and Death 03:20  
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2. Under the Sign of the Black Goat 02:36  
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3. Nights of the Black Moon... 02:41  
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4. In His Dark, Frozen Shadow...Lies a Black Soul 02:13  
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5. When the Dark Emperor Returns... 03:02  
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6. Days of Impure Darkness 03:01  
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7. Under a Sky of Blasphemy 03:22  
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8. Sadist (Tormentor) (Bathory cover) 03:06  
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9. Darkness (live in Chicago, IL 1998) 03:54  
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10. Satanic Blood (Von cover) (live in Chicago, IL 1998) 01:09  
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11. Hate (live in Chicago, IL 1998) 02:54  
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12. The Halls of Death and Silance (unreleased 1996) 02:48  
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This album was originally supposed to be the "Obscurum II - The Return Of The King" album, however 60% of the way thru the recordings the DAT got jammed and has been untouched until recently taken out and repaired, after that happened the band decided to write different songs and lyrics that would fit a sequal to "Obscurum" better. It was recorded in late 2002 and includes 5 rare songs including 3 live songs from 1998, and an unreleased song recorded in early 1996 under the black graveyard name. It was mastered at Black Holocaust Studios in August, 2007. This is a limited edition limited to only 100 copy's. The band wants to find a label to release it with different artwork and not limited copy's on LP or CD or both formats.

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