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Black Tide > Al Cielo
Black Tide - Al Cielo
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Just Another Drug
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Just Another Drug

Al Cielo

Black Tide

Release date:
November 1st, 2011
Catalog ID:
Interscope Records
None yet
1. That Fire (spanish version) 03:45  
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2. Dejalo Salir ("Let It Out" spanish version) 05:04  
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3. Al Cielo ("Into the Sky" spanish version) 04:52  
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Band members
Zachary Sandler Bass
Gabriel Garcia Vocals, Guitar
Steven Spence Drums
Austin "Panix" Diaz Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
Josh Wilbur Producer
Gggarth Producer
Josh Wilbur Producer
Gggarth Producer
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Spanish language EP featuring three songs from its latest DGC/Interscope Records release, Post Mortem.

Re-recorded versions of 'Let It Out', 'That Fire', and 'Into The Sky' make up the EP.

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