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Black Sabbath - Paranoid
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Black Sabbath

Release date:
September 18th, 1970
Catalog ID:
6360 011
Vertigo Records
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
31 reviews (avg. 92%)
Side A
1. War Pigs 07:55   Show lyrics
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2. Paranoid 02:50   Show lyrics
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3. Planet Caravan 04:30   Show lyrics
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4. Iron Man 06:00   Show lyrics
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Side B
5. Electric Funeral 04:50   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
6. Hand of Doom 07:10   Show lyrics
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7. Rat Salad 02:30   instrumental
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8. Fairies Wear Boots 06:15   Show lyrics
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Band members
Ozzy Osbourne Vocals, Lyrics (track 8), Songwriting
Tony Iommi Guitars, Songwriting, Flute (track 3)
Geezer Butler Bass, Lyrics (tracks 1-6), Songwriting
Bill Ward Drums, Songwriting, Congas (track 3)
Tom Allom Piano (track 3)
Miscellaneous staff
Brian Humphries Engineering
Keef (R.I.P. 2012) Design, Photography
Rodger Bain Producer
Tony Allom Engineering
Ozzy Osbourne Vocals, Lyrics (track 8), Songwriting
Tony Iommi Guitars, Songwriting, Flute (track 3)
Geezer Butler Bass, Lyrics (tracks 1-6), Songwriting
Bill Ward Drums, Songwriting, Congas (track 3)
Tom Allom Piano (track 3)
Brian Humphries Engineering
Keef (R.I.P. 2012) Design, Photography
Rodger Bain Producer
Tony Allom Engineering
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A music video was made for "Paranoid."

Issued in a gatefold sleeve.

The album was originally supposed to be titled War Pigs and the cover art was designed with that title in mind, but the record company objected (presumably due to the Vietnam War), so it was re-titled Paranoid.

Formerly "War Pigs" was called "Walpurgis" and had a different letter.

"Paranoid" was the last song composed and recorded for the album at the behest of the producer, who thought they needed an extra track.

"Iron Man" is based on a fictional character thought up by Ozzy and Geezer, not the Marvel comics hero of the same name.

"Fairies Wear Boots" was inspired by a time when Ozzy and Geezer were hassled by skinheads, thus an insult to the boot-wearing "fairy" skinheads.

On the North American edition of the album, the songs "War Pigs" and "Fairies Wear Boots" were titled "War Pigs/Luke's Wall" and "Jack The Stripper/Fairies Wear Boots," respectively. This is because in those years Black Sabbath had to have at least 10 songs on their records to be able to please the American record companies, and they decided to separate 2 long song titles in order to believe those record companies that there was more music. This would be repeated on his albums "Master of Reality" (1971) and "Black Sabbath Vol. 4" (1972).

A Classic Albums documentary has been made for Paranoid, chronicling its inception, recording process, and legacy.

A CD version released in 1986 (Castle Communications; CLACD 197) contains a live version of "Wicked World" as a bonus track. This same version appears on the live album "Live at Last" (1980) and on CD 4 of the 2021 super deluxe edition of the album "Black Sabbath Vol. 4" (1972).

Recording information:

Recorded at Regent Sound and Island Studios.
All songs by Osbourne, Iommi, Butler and Ward.


Matrix / Runout (Side A Variant 1): 6360011 1Y//1 420 1 2 1
Matrix / Runout (Side B Variant 1): 6360011 2Y//1 420 1 1 5
Matrix / Runout (Side A Variant 2): 6360011 1Y//2 420 1 2 4
Matrix / Runout (Side B Variant 2): 6360011 2Y//2 420 1 1 1
Matrix / Runout (Side A Variant 3): 6360011 1Y//▽420 12 12
Matrix / Runout (Side B Variant 3): 6360011 2Y//▽420 11 17
Matrix / Runout (Side A Variant 4): 6360011 1Y//▽420 12 7
Matrix / Runout (Side B Variant 4): 6360011 2Y//▽420 12 19
Matrix / Runout (Side A Variant 5): 6360011 1Y//2▽420 12 10
Matrix / Runout (Side B Variant 5): 6360011 2Y//1▽420 11 33
Matrix / Runout (Side A Variant 6): 6360011 1Y//▽420 15 17
Matrix / Runout (Side B Variant 6): 6360011 2Y//▽420 11 27

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