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Black Harmony > Кенотафий / Открыть врата
Black Harmony - Кенотафий / Открыть врата

Black Harmony discography (all)
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Кенотафий / Открыть врата

Black Harmony

Release date:
Catalog ID:
Moon Records
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Side A
1. Introduction 01:29   instrumental
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2. Кенотафий 06:07   Show lyrics
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3. В царстве вечных слов 03:49  
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4. Кровавый закат 07:05   Show lyrics
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5. Безмолвие древности 02:08  
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6. Black Harmony 04:44   Show lyrics
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7. Outroduction 01:49   instrumental
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Side B
8. Дождь скорби 02:25  
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9. Чёрная роза 06:13   Show lyrics
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10. Открыть врата 04:12   Show lyrics
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11. Леди 08:57   Show lyrics
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12. Тень прошлого 03:21  
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Nikolai Banin Keyboards
Denis Verba Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming
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Two albums released on one tape.

Tracks 1-7: Кенотафий
Tracks 8-12: Открыть врата

The compilation's title in English is "Cenotaph / Open the Gates".

Artwork by Urgin

Denis Verba Bass, Drum programming, Guitars, Vocals
Nikolai Banin Keyboards

Recording information:

Produced and mixed in July 1997.
Published in September 1997.
Pro-printed cassette and j-card.

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