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Black Goat > Explosive Waves of Apocalyptic War
Black Goat - Explosive Waves of Apocalyptic War

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Descend from Blackened Skies to Spread the Words of Satan

Explosive Waves of Apocalyptic War

Black Goat

Release date:
October 21st, 2015
Catalog ID:
FDP 69
Version desc.:
Limited edition
From the Dark Past
113 copies
None yet
Side A - Black Goat’s tribute to Vulcano
1. Witche's Sabbath (Vulcano cover) 02:11   Show lyrics
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2. Spirits of Evil (Vulcano cover) 03:21   Show lyrics
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3. Ready to Explode (Vulcano cover) 01:16   Show lyrics
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4. Total Destruição (Vulcano cover) 03:05   Show lyrics
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5. Dominos of Death (Vulcano cover) 02:52   Show lyrics
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Side B - Return from the Graves (Death Metal Demos MMXV)
6. Bloody Vomit 02:48  
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7. The Bleeding Rotten Flesh 04:57  
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8. Under Narcosis of Death 04:53  
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9. Triumph of Death (Hellhammer cover) 07:35   Show lyrics
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IX Guitars, Bass, Vocals (backing)
Necator Drums, Vocals
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