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BlackWine > The Shadow
BlackWine - The Shadow
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< 追梦 (Chasing the Dream)

The Shadow


Release date:
July 5th, 2008
Catalog ID:
TMHK 001
Trinity Music Hong Kong
1 review (avg. 60%)
1. Illusion? 06:57   Show lyrics
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2. The Shadow 05:42   Show lyrics
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3. Farewell 06:39  
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4. Turning Point 05:14  
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5. Rumors 03:36  
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6. Unbreakable Cycle 21:55  
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7. Never Give Up 05:40  
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Sam So Bass
Jim Drums
Michael Lui Guitars
Jovi Guitars
Hing Vocals
Read Interesting concepts, but... 60% rauk October 28th, 2014

Synopsis of "The Shadow"

Our lovely town once again enjoyed peace when the war was over...until a psycho began his murderous job. Nicknamed "The Shawdow", even vigilantes could not stop the madness and townfolk plunged into deepest fear. After another misfortunate befell, thirst of vengeance led to final confrontation with "The Shadow". The deed was done. However, what hid behind was beyond comprehension...


Barcode: 689076704557

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