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Bible of the Devil > None More Raw
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None More Raw

Bible of the Devil

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1. Schadenfreude 02:46  
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2. Sucking Chest Wound 02:30  
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3. Cheryl Lee, Cheryl Lee 03:45   instrumental
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4. Coney Island Jihad 02:54  
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5. 3-D Cabrini Green 01:38  
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6. Drinking and Cussing 04:03  
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7. Blacker Than BP 02:00  
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8. 54/40 or Fight (Dead Moon cover) 04:17  
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9. Right Hand of the Father 01:23  
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10. I Knight Thee Prime Evil 05:12   instrumental
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11. Baphomet's Quest 03:32  
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12. Scum City Rocker 02:42  
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Greg Spalding Drums
Mark Hoffmann Vocals, Guitars
Nathan Weathers Guitars, Vocals
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Self-released as a CD-R with photocopied artwork.

None More Raw was recorded October 27-29th, 2000, at the Torture Chamber in Seattle, WA by Dan Mohr to analog 8-track analog reel-to-reel. Produced by Dan Mohr with input by B.o.D. from afar.
All songs by B.o.D. except "54/40", written by Fred Cole and Dead Moon.

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