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Reverse Baptism

Benighted in Sodom

Release date:
March 31st, 2011
Catalog ID:
BMM. 042-11
BadMoodMan Music
None yet
1. Sweetness Depraved 08:19   Show lyrics
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2. Chains of Bliss 07:29   Show lyrics
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3. Try to Forget Us 06:20   Show lyrics
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4. Flauros 05:14   Show lyrics
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5. Ocean - Part I 12:26   Show lyrics
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6. Ocean - Part II 11:37   Show lyrics
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7. Reverse Baptism 07:57   instrumental
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Matron Thorn All instruments, Vocals, Lyrics
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The title "Try to Forget Us" is a reference to a scene from the movie 8mm.

"He calls Mrs. Christian to tell her his discoveries and recommends going to the police, to which she agrees. Arriving at her estate, Welles is told that Mrs. Christian committed suicide after hearing the news. She left envelopes for the Mathews family and Welles: it contains the rest of his payment and a note reading, "Try to forget us."

Recording information:

Recorded between 2009-2010.

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