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Benighted in Sodom > Elysian Birth Defects
Benighted in Sodom - Elysian Birth Defects
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Elysian Birth Defects

Benighted in Sodom

Release date:
January 15th, 2011
Catalog ID:
Aberration Satellite
None yet
Disc 1
1. Draining Putrefaction  
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2. Blood from the Sea  
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3. Funeral for a Saint  
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4. Rotten Fruit for Magdalene  
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5. Of Chains and Arrows  
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Disc 2
1. Die Within Me  
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2. I Believe You  
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3. White Streets  
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4. Dead Lovers  
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5. The Constellations of Sedation  
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6. Uncomfortable Serenity (The Opiate)  
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7. Gray Flowers  
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8. Atrophy (Live 2008)  
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9. Draining Putrefaction (live rehearsal)  
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10. Uncomfortable Serenity (live rehearsal)  
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Matron Thorn All instruments, Vocals
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Disc 1 is a complete re-recording of the first full-length album, Plague Overlord, excluding the Sargeist cover of Satanic Black Devotion.

Disc 2 contains the Where Waits the Greatest of All Sacrifice EP, excluding Blood From the Sea, tracks from splits with Bethlehem, Deathrow / Nocturnal Depression, 2 unreleased tracks, 1 live track, and 2 rehearsal tracks.

Track 9 recorded live in Columbus, Ohio on November 2008 during the Beauty - Darkness - Chaos tour

Matron Thorn - All Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Programming
Nahtanoj - Bass guitar on tracks 8, 9, 10
Esoterica - Lead Guitar on track 8
S. Blackburn - Drums on tracks 8, 9, 10

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