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Benediction > Dark Is the Season / The Grotesque
Benediction - Dark Is the Season / The Grotesque
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Dark Is the Season / The Grotesque


Release date:
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Cosmic Key Creations
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
1200 copies
None yet
Side A - Dark is the Season
1. Foetus Noose 04:31  
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2. Forged in Fire (Anvil cover) 04:45  
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3. Dark Is the Season 05:37  
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4. Jumping at Shadows 06:02  
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5. Experimental Stage 03:53  
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Side B - The Grotesque
6. The Grotesque 03:25  
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7. Ashen Epitaph 03:35  
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8. Violation Domain (live) 04:36  
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9. Subconscious Terror (live) 03:44  
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10. Visions in the Shroud (live) 03:59  
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200 copies on purple vinyl.
400 copies on black vinyl.
400 copies on blue vinyl.
200 copies on ox blood red vinyl.

Dark is the Season info:
The title track was heavily inspired by the 1986 David Lynch movie Blue Velvet.
The central quote is an arranged quote from a letter by David Berkowitz.
Track 5 is a re-recorded version of the song originally featured on the Subconscious Terror album.
A music video for the song "Foetus Noose"was made.

The Grotesque info:
Studio tracks:
Recorded at Rhythm Studios.
Produced by Benediction.

Live Tracks:
Recorded with equipment provided by Rhythm Studios.
Recorded a few days after Christmas.
The live tracks were recorded during a short live session with a select audience to help prepare new drummer at the time Paul Brookes for a forth coming tour.
Music videos were made for "The Grotesque" and "Ashen Epitaph".


Barcode: 4 024572 935894

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