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Babylon Whores > Deggael (A Rat's God)
Babylon Whores - Deggael (A Rat's God)
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Deggael (A Rat's God)

Babylon Whores

Release date:
September 14th, 1998
Catalog ID:
Myra 237
1 review (avg. 95%)
1. Dog Star A 00:33   Show lyrics
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2. Sol Niger 03:56   Show lyrics
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3. Somniferum 04:05   Show lyrics
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4. Omega Therion (v2) 03:55   Show lyrics
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5. Emerald Green 03:42   Show lyrics
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6. Deggael: A Rat's God 04:43   Show lyrics
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Ewo Pohjola Guitars
Ike Vil Vocals, Keyboards
Jake Babylon Bass
Antti Litmanen Guitars
Pete Liha Drums
Read Indeed? Indeed. 95% Znarglaxe January 7th, 2003

The release includes a data track with a video for the song In Arcadia Ego.

Later licensed to Spinefarm Records.

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