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Azaghal > Black Terror Metal Vol. 1
Azaghal - Black Terror Metal Vol. 1
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Black Terror Metal Vol. 1


Boxed set
Release date:
June 26th, 2020
Catalog ID:
Dissonance Productions
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1. Helvetin yhdeksän piiriä 33:07  
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2. Omega 44:54  
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3. Teraphim 47:29  
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4. Nemesis 51:55  
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4CD set collecting Azaghal releases for Moribund Records.

The CDs included are - Helvetin Yhdeksän Piiriä (The Nine Circles Of Hell) (1999), Omega (2008), Teraphim (2009), Nemesis (2012).

Name of track 3-4, "Teraphim – Puhdistava tuli", is misspelled as "Teraphim – Puhdistaba tuli" in the back cover. It is spelled correctly in the booklet.

Recording information:

Helvetin yhdeksän piiriä: Recorded in July '99 at the Cursed Studio.

Omega: Recorded at the Cursed Studio & at DT-Audio during Summer and Autumn 2007, mastered at DT-Audio in October 2007.
Produced & mixed by Azaghal.

Teraphim: Recorded at the cursed studio, DT-Audio and niflhel studio during summer 2009.
Produced and mixed by Azaghal.

Nemesis: Recorded at the Cursed Studio during the Infernal Summer 2011.
Mastered at DT-Audio during Black September 2011.
All Black Terror Metal and Satanic Poetry conjured by Azaghal.
Except "Black Legions of Satan" by Narqath & Wircki, originally performed by Vultyr.


Barcode: 803343205534

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