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Black Terror Metal


Release date:
Catalog ID:
AWE 78
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Chanteloup Creations
250 copies
None yet
1. Black Terror Metal 05:16   Show lyrics
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2. 13 Candles (Bathory cover) 03:58   Show lyrics
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3. Transilvanian Hunger (Darkthrone cover) 05:09   Show lyrics
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4. Peto 666 04:22   Show lyrics
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5. De Vermis Mysteriis 05:55   Show lyrics
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6. Unholy Black Metal (Darkthrone cover) 03:28   Show lyrics
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Narqath Guitars, Bass, Vocals (clean)
Varjoherra Vocals
Kalma Drums
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All versions are previously unreleased.

Later re-released by Black Arts Productions in limited edition of 100 tapes with a different cover.
Both versions are sold out.

Recording information:

Recorded during different occasions at various studios between 1997-2001.

Track 1 recorded in October 99 at the Cursed Studio, unreleased raw mix version.
Track 2 recorded in January 01 at the Newhell Studio, originally by Bathory.
Track 3 and 6 recorded in September 97, originally performed by Darkthrone.
Track 4 recorded in January 01 at the Cursed Studio, previously unreleased track.
Track 5 recorded in January 99 at the Cursed Studio, unreleased perverse version.

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