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Release date:
March 2006
Catalog ID:
XM 037 CD
Xtreem Music
1 review (avg. 70%)
1. River Runs Red 05:23  
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2. Foetal Consolation 03:01  
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3. Unconscious Pleasure (2006 Re-dissection) 04:12   Show lyrics
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4. Piranha (Exodus cover) 03:55   Show lyrics
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5. I Wanna Be Somebody (W.A.S.P. cover) 03:43   Show lyrics
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6. Mental Misery (Gorefest cover) 04:53   Show lyrics
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7. Powdered Flesh (Terroristars) 03:47  
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8. Devourer of the Dead (In Element) 05:04  
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9. Stabwound Orgasm (Carnavage) 03:20   Show lyrics
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10. Blessed by Gore (Witches' Sabbath) 05:05  
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11. Gorespattered Suicide (Flesh Embraced) 03:31   Show lyrics
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12. Sweet Lobotomy (Kaothic) 05:11  
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13. Protervia (Byleth) 04:50  
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14. Sick Sick Sex (Abÿfs) 04:21   Show lyrics
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15. Stabwound Orgasm (Zardonic Remix) 06:06  
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Miscellaneous staff
Pluto Mastering
Phlegeton Cover art, Design, Photography
Samu Producer, Engineering, Mixing
Pluto Mastering
Phlegeton Cover art, Design, Photography
Samu Producer, Engineering, Mixing
Read A mixed bag of gore 70% Infernali May 29th, 2006

Catalogue # XM 037 CD

Avulsed Tracks
1. River Runs Red
2. Foetal Consolation
3. Unconscious Pleasure (2006 Re-dissection)
4. Piranha (Exodus cover)
5. I Wanna Be Somebody (W.A.S.P. cover)
6. Mental Misery (Gorefest cover)
Reanimated Tracks
7. Powdered Flesh
- Reanimated by Terroristars, feat. Furni (ex-Avulsed) on Guitar
8. Devourer of the Dead
- Reanimated by In Element
9. Stabwound Orgasm
- Reanimated by Carnavage
10. Blessed by Gore
- Reanimated by Witches' Sabbath
11. Gorespattered Suicide
- Reanimated by Flesh Embraced
12. Sweet Lobotomy
- Reanimated by Kaothic, feat. Alberto Marin (Avulsed - live session Guitarist)
13. Protervia
- Reanimated by Byleth
14. Sick Sick Sex
- Reanimated by Abyfs
15. Stabwound Orgasm
- Reanimixed by Zardonic
16. Let Me Taste Your Flesh
- Video-clip

Tracks 1 and 2 are new unreleased tracks.
Track 3 is a "Re-dissected" track.
Tracks 4-6 are Exodus, W.A.S.P. and Gorefest covers respectively.
Tracks 6-15 are remixed tracks "reanimated" by various different artists.
Let Me Taste Your Flesh video clip recorded in Paris in 2005.

Avulsed Tracks
Recorded & mixed at VRS Studios on February 10-19, 2006.
Mastered by Peter Neuber from Mega Wimp Sound at UFA Studios in Babelsberg, Germany on February 20-25, 2006.
Engineered by Samu.
Mixed & produced by Samu & Avulsed.
Cover artwork & design by Phlegeton.
Band photo by Phlegeton.
All Songs written by Avulsed, except "Piranha" by Exodus, "I Wanna Be Somebody" by W.A.S.P. and "Mental Misery" by Gorefest.

Most copies come with a free syringe in the spine of the CD containing an unidentified fluid.

Released by Coyote Records in 2007 with a bonus video Live in Moscow 2006 and an interview.

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