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Mot din svarta ångest


Release date:
November 2013
Catalog ID:
TOR 047
Those Opposed Records
None yet
1. Det tysta fallet 01:01  
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2. An Everlasting Circulation of Void 09:34  
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3. My Veins Are Open (Setherial cover) 08:48  
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4. A Lament for You There 02:28  
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5. Utan död... 09:31  
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6. Uroborik Rupture 06:10  
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7. Towards... 06:32  
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8. The Ensemble Reign 05:40  
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MiZANE Guitars, Bass
Ur Èmdr Oervn Vocals
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Deluxe digipak edition on semi-glossy material with 8-page booklet.
Limited to 300 copies.
This CD contains:
- sold out debut album "Den Svarta Vandans Genealogi", this time remastered
- sold out demo tape "Towards... You There"
- exclusive new track "Uroborik Rupture"

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