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Demo 1988

Blood on the Moon


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Cassette single of an alternate version of the last track of their "Out of The Storm" demo. This version, unlike the original demo version, has the complete original lyrics, where the original demo version has 1 short verse replaced with just...
"No, no, no, no!
No, no, no, no!
No, no, no, no!
No, no, no-no!"

This was originally recorded by Juan as part of a scratch track to determine the exact melody he was going to use during the recording process, but the rest of the band liked it so much that it was kept. In 1987 Juan returned to Great Tracks Recording to record his original verse and have it added to the original recording. Upon completion this version was pressed onto a small run of tapes and used for promotional purposes. This version was also released on the compilation CD "20 Years The Hard Way", leaving the original demo version unrelesed since 1986 when "Out of The Storm" was released.

The original lyrics, replacing the "No, no, no, no!" verse on this version are...
"It's the dawn of the day,
That was foretold!
And now it's begun
It's the end of the world!"

Recording information:

Recorded in 1985 at Great Tracks Recording, in Cleveland, Ohio, for the "Out of The Storm" demo, except for 1 additional verse recorded at the same studio in 1986 for this new version.

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