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Athanator > Raise the Slaughter
Athanator - Raise the Slaughter
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Earth of Blood
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Raise the Slaughter


Release date:
November 14th, 2002
Catalog ID:
Extremo y Compacto
None yet
Side A
1. Postmortem 04:11   Show lyrics
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2. War Ensemble 04:55   Show lyrics
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3. South of Heaven 04:18   Show lyrics
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4. Hell Awaits 05:08   Show lyrics
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5. Mandatory Suicide 03:53   Show lyrics
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6. Angel of Death 04:52   Show lyrics
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7. Seasons in the Abyss 06:16   Show lyrics
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Side B
8. The Antichrist 02:48   Show lyrics
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9. Die by the Sword 03:51   Show lyrics
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10. Black Magic 03:55   Show lyrics
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11. Reign in Blood 03:46   Show lyrics
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12. Earth of Blood 03:40  
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13. Children of Darkness 03:06  
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Jaime Ocampo Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
Kike Ramírez Bass
Juan Fernando Montoya Guitars
Javier Urán Drums
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All songs are Slayer covers, except "Earth of Blood" and "Children of Darkness".

In this album, Athanator thanks all the porn actresses in the world.

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