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Doomed to Rot


Release date:
July 18th, 2020
Catalog ID:
Unholy Worship Productions
None yet
Side A
1. Mankind's Burial  
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2. In Death and Decay  
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3. Acid Orgy (Goatlord cover)  
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4. An End to Conquer  
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5. The Afterlife  
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6. Into Eternal Slumber  
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7. An End to Conquer  
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Side B
8. Prelude to Damnation  
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9. The Inauguration  
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10. Hymn to the Apocalypse  
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11. In Death and Decay (live)  
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12. Weeping in Heaven (Profanatica cover) / An End to Conquer (live)  
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13. Gaze Upon a Burning Coffin  
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M.G. Diestro Bass, Vocals
J.L. Carandang Guitars
V. Jarlego Drums
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Track 1-4 taken from MMXIV rehearsal demo.
Track 5-7 taken from Demo 2013.
Track 8-10 previously unreleased demo versions.
Tracks 11 & 12 recorded live at "The Black Death Over Asia Tour" 09/05/2015.
Track 13 previouly unreleased version.

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