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AstorVoltaires > La quintaesencia de Júpiter
AstorVoltaires - La quintaesencia de Júpiter
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La quintaesencia de Júpiter


Release date:
September 3rd, 2018
Catalog ID:
BURN 022-18
Version desc.:
Digipak, Limited edition
Slow Burn Records
40 copies
None yet
1. Manifiesto 04:54  
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2. Hoy 07:46   Show lyrics
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3. Un gran océano 05:36   Show lyrics
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4. Thrinakia: El reino del silencio 06:22   Show lyrics
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5. Un nuevo sol naciente 06:36   Show lyrics
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6. Arrebol 05:18  
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7. La quintaesencia de Júpiter 08:52   Show lyrics
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8. Más allá del Hiperbóreo 02:58   Show lyrics
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Band members
Juan Escobar All instruments
Miscellaneous staff
Geert van Mook Cover art
Juan Escobar All instruments
Geert van Mook Cover art
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Recording information:

Recorded in different sessions between May 2015 and October 2017
Produced, Mixed and Mastered at Vultura Studio, Czech Republic


Barcode: 4627080611375

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