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Humo, cenizas y muerte...

Neftaraka / Astarot / Du Temps Perdu / Lux Funestus

Release date:
October 7th, 2011
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Metallic Media
1000 copies
None yet
1. Astarot - Aster 07:06   instrumental
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2. Astarot - Premonition 07:41   instrumental
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3. Lux Funestus - Un sentimiento entre la distancia y un momento 01:54   instrumental
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4. Lux Funestus - Fragmento de pensamiento 03:52  
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5. Lux Funestus - From Abyss 05:38   Show lyrics
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6. Lux Funestus - La ultima estaciĆ³n 01:52  
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7. Du Temps Perdu - Jezabel (reina oscura) 05:21  
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8. Du Temps Perdu - Juda (humo, polvo y cenizas) 08:07  
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9. Du Temps Perdu - Du Temps Perdu 07:18  
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10. Neftaraka - S.T.V.R.M. 08:33  
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11. Neftaraka - Cold Blut in a Dark Serenade 07:03  
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12. Neftaraka - Ophoytha 07:03  
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Silbyss Guitars
Xxxull Vocals, Guitars
Unknown H Drums
Du Temps Perdu
Gonzalo GB "Astarot" Guitars, Keyboards
Necromancer Bass
Aquer Vocals, Lyrics
Lux Funestus
Nokturnal Drums
Grave Bass
Lucas Alexander Guitars, Piano, Vocals
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The title means "Smoke, Ashes and Death" in English.

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