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Asgaard > When the Twilight Set In Again
Asgaard - When the Twilight Set In Again
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When the Twilight Set In Again


Release date:
June 1998
Catalog ID:
Mystic Production
None yet
1. Legend of Passing 07:36   Show lyrics
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2. The Sirens 04:40   Show lyrics
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3. 1168 04:27   Show lyrics
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4. When the Twilight Set In Again 05:35   Show lyrics
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5. Mournful Suite of Dreams 04:59   Show lyrics
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6. Night of Desire 06:19   Show lyrics
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7. Nameless Land of Streams 09:27   Show lyrics
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Band members
Jacek Monkiewicz Bass
Bartek Kostrzewa Guitars, Vocals
Wojtek Kostrzewa Keyboards
Roman Gołębiowski Drums
Paweł Nafus Guitars
Honorata Stawicka Violin
Małgorzata Raźniak Vocals, Flute
Miscellaneous staff
Samoth Cover art
Samoth Cover art
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Label code on CD is Myst 003, not MystCD 004 as on the booklet.
Wrong tracklisting appears on the booklet.

Recording information:

Music by Bartek Kostrzewa and Wojciech Kostrzewa.
Lyrics by Małgorzata Rażaniak, Bartek Kostrzewa and Justyna.
Recorded in Selani Studio (November 1997).

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