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Armanenschaft > Psychedelic Winter
Armanenschaft - Psychedelic Winter
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Psychedelic Winter


Release date:
March 2008
Catalog ID:
Primitive Reaction
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
1 review (avg. 100%)
Side A
1. Summoning the Hyper-Cosmos 03:16   instrumental
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2. Armanenschaft 03:21  
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3. Bring Her Home 06:34  
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4. Walvater 01:49  
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5. 14 000 Years 02:20  
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6. Semen Syringe 02:04  
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Side B
7. Blood Tankard 04:33  
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8. String, Stone, Grass, Green 01:15  
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9. Funeral Fungi 02:18  
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10. Tarnhari 02:42  
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11. Irmin's Own 01:47  
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12. Eight Bottles of Wine (Fungi Revisited) 03:46  
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Band members
Ancient Fisherman Unknown
Shiva Vrana Unknown
Lav Vrah, the Hyperborean Princess Unknown
Miscellaneous staff
Tommi Forström Mastering
Maiu Photography
Sami Albert Hynninen Cover art
Tommi Forström Mastering
Maiu Photography
Sami Albert Hynninen Cover art
Read Tales from the asylum 100% Vaargmarth August 27th, 2008

The album was recorded in several sessions between 2004 and 2007. Tracks 7-11 originally released as a very limited tape Hag All All Hag.

"PsychoAstralOutbursts A2 – A5 were performed on December 29, except for the four handed Black Hole improvisation of A1, which materialized on December 31 at the Room of Green Smoke, in Nekro Tsunami Winter 2004. Black Rituals B1 – B5 were performed during the Psychedelic Winter. Vocals vomited out at Four Seasons Hotel, 8.8. 2005, era vulgaris. Blood Tankard was raised on 12th October. This material was originally released on the ultra limited tape "Hag All All Hag", 2006. Live chaos 06:06:06, recorded in Ojamo desecration by Al:X:i. Additional guitars thrashed on 10th and 18th August, 2007.

All sessions held in Lohja Halgadome, with the exception of Augustian Gransville violations of history.
Mastered on 14th November by Tommi Forström. Portrait taken by Maiu."

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