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Arktogäa > Æra Yersinia Pestis Spiritvs
Arktogäa - Æra Yersinia Pestis Spiritvs
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Æra Yersinia Pestis Spiritvs


Release date:
October 12th, 2017
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Breath of Pestilence
500 copies
None yet
1. Light of the Black Sun (Prelude) 02:03  
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2. Strenght and Anger 05:14  
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3. Ablaze Fyrfos Awakes 05:09  
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4. Hordes of Ansuzgarda 05:57  
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5. Unter dem Hakenkreuz 10:55  
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6. Towards a New Dawn (Interlude) 04:18  
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7. Hymn to Þuntaz - Invoking Upheaval 06:33  
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8. Tearing Down the Kingdom of YHWH 08:35  
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9. Werawulfaz 07:08  
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10. Imposing the Inexorable 04:02  
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11. È l'ora di marciar 04:30  
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12. We Hail His Return (Epilogue) 10:26  
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Band members
Herold von Thule Guitars
Arkto Sigel Vocals
Jarl Vargr Bass
Ayperos Percussions
Ayperos Percussions
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Comes with a booklet of 16 pages, gold print in black paper.

Recording information:

Recorded and engineered in the second half of MMXV at Alpha Omega Studio and A.D.S.R. Studio.

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