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Bogowie zapomnienia


Release date:
August 1994
Catalog ID:
None yet
Side A
1. Nieporozumienie w bezsensie istnienia 03:39   Show lyrics
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2. Gwałt własnego pożądania 03:41   Show lyrics
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3. Przyszły zdrajca chrześcijańskiej masy 04:57   Show lyrics
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Side B
4. Szaleńcza pogoń za bezwstydną rozkoszą 04:00   Show lyrics
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5. Kres ludzkiej doskonałości obezwładniony próżnością 05:46   Show lyrics
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6. Najprostrza martwica zgubnej niemocy 04:29   Show lyrics
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Band members
Khorzon Guitars
Sylvian Drums
Messiah (R.I.P. 2017) Vocals
Pitzer Guitars
Khorzon Guitars
Sylvian Drums
Messiah (R.I.P. 2017) Vocals
Pitzer Guitars
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Distributed on standard cassettes with handwritten track titles, no cover art.

The translated song titles are:
1. Misunderstanding in the Nonsense of Existence
2. Rape of One's Coveting
3. Future Traitor of the Christian Masses
4. The Wild Pursuit After the Shameless Pleasure
5. The Verge of Mankind's Essence Overpowered by Thirst
6. The Easiest Worry of a Harmful Debility

Re-released in 1997 on CD by Folter Records with "An Eternal Curse of Pagan Godz" demo.

Recording information:

Recorded at Tuba Studio between 16-17 July 1994.

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