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Argile > The Monotonous Moment of a Monologue
Argile - The Monotonous Moment of a Monologue
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Monumental Monolith

The Monotonous Moment of a Monologue


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Holy Records
1 review (avg. 60%)
1. Troubled by the Storm 01:32   Show lyrics
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2. Satanic Music 07:10   Show lyrics
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3. Pandemonic Necronomicon 04:48   Show lyrics
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4. Pyramid Paradise 05:37   Show lyrics
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5. Heart of the Celestial Empire 04:47   Show lyrics
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6. In the Shadow of the Horns (Darkthrone cover) 06:09   Show lyrics
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7. Danse Macabre Mist 04:45   Show lyrics
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8. Organ Cries of Iron 01:10   Show lyrics
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9. A Lugubrious Funeral 06:17   Show lyrics
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10. God's Degenerated Angel 05:43   Show lyrics
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Gaël Féret Drums
Jean-Jacques Moréac Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drums
S.A.S de l'Argilière Vocals
Read Misanthrope's Unneeded Bastard 60% Sean16 December 31st, 2009

The lyrics are written below as given in the booklet, but most songs actually have more text.
Catalogue# HOLY 73 CD

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