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Arghoslent > Galloping Through the Battle Ruins
Arghoslent - Galloping Through the Battle Ruins
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Galloping Through the Battle Ruins


Release date:
October 19th, 1998
Catalog ID:
WNR 006
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Wood-Nymph Records
1000 copies
4 reviews (avg. 92%)
1. Defile the Angelic 06:07   Show lyrics
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2. The Banners of Castile 04:07   Show lyrics
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3. The Entity 04:10   Show lyrics
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4. Galloping Through the Battle Ruins 06:47   Show lyrics
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5. The Imperial Clans 05:29   Show lyrics
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6. Ten Lost Tribes 06:30   Show lyrics
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7. Incursions 04:01   instrumental
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8. Fall of the Melanic Breeds 04:48   Show lyrics
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9. Rape of a Slave 04:34   Show lyrics
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10. Transpolar Combat 07:42   Show lyrics
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Holocausto Guitars
Pogrom Guitars
Kommando Bass
Alienchrist Drums
Von Demonicus Vocals
Read A Monumental Debut 92% girnny777 July 10th, 2010
Read Defile The Angelic! 92% praey March 27th, 2010
Read Defiling the Angelic! 100% metalhead02 April 21st, 2007
Read It'll grow 85% Egregius December 14th, 2003

Some copies come with rat bones inside the CD case.
The cover painting is "The Fall of Phaeton" by Peter Paul Rubens.

Recording information:

Recorded south of the Mason-Dixon line.


Barcode: 8715392666063
Matrix: Panteon 572AZ5

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