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Arghoslent > Arsenal of Glory
Arghoslent - Arsenal of Glory
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Troops of Unfeigned Might

Arsenal of Glory


Release date:
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Sempiternal Productions
1000 copies
2 reviews (avg. 73%)
1. Rape of a Slave 04:38   Show lyrics
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2. Of Spears and Horns 04:29   Show lyrics
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3. Hymns of Conquest 05:29   Show lyrics
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4. Branding the Peon 06:24   Show lyrics
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5. Arsenal of Glory 06:36   instrumental
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6. The Negress 04:59   Show lyrics
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7. Werguild 02:25   Show lyrics
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8. The Imperial Clans 05:16   Show lyrics
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9. A Somber Warcry 05:49   Show lyrics
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10. The Nexxus of Chaos 06:14   Show lyrics
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Miscellaneous staff
Blakk Mastering
George Jacob Engineering
Fernando Castel Layout
Blakk Mastering
George Jacob Engineering
Fernando Castel Layout
Read pffffft, what the fuck ever 50% Noktorn June 20th, 2011
Read Slays the rest of American... 96% Star-Gazer July 19th, 2004

Tracks 1-6 from Arsenal Of Glory demo, 1996.
Track 7 from Bastard Son of One Thousand Whores
demo, 1992.
Tracks 8-10 from The Imperial Clans demo, 1993.

The tracklisting on the back of the original Sempiternal Productions release is incorrect, as track 9 is actually "A Somber Warcry" and track 10 is "The Nexxus of Chaos".

LP version released in 2006 by Kneel Before the Master's Throne Records, hand-numbered, and limited to 444. Contains only the first 6 tracks.

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