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Arcane Sun - Fade
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Arcane Sun

Release date:
June 12th, 2012
Catalog ID:
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1. The Epiphany - Intro(duction to the Fading) 02:15   instrumental
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2. Endure 07:39  
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3. Fulfill 05:34  
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4. Fade 05:26  
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5. Crowned 06:28  
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6. The Fear (I Am the Years) 02:06   instrumental
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7. Dream Oceans (Breath) 04:29  
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8. Dream Oceans (Pulse) 04:43  
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9. Into Blindness I 07:48  
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10. Into Blindness II 01:57   instrumental
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11. Into Blindness III 07:13  
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12. Outro (Mirada Fuerte) 05:11  
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Mark Drums
Feargal Flannery Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Paul Kearns Vocals
Read Music that was buried under... 60% oneyoudontknow January 4th, 2013

Recorded in 2000, the band's label, Ars Metalli, went bankrupt and couldn't pay for the album to be mastered and released. The album sat unreleased for over a decade, until it was made available for streaming and download by the band in conjunction with the Irish Metal Archive in June of 2012.

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