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April 16th > Epitaph
April 16th - Epitaph

April 16th discography (all)
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April 16th

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1. She's Mean 03:19   Show lyrics
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2. Thursday's Child 03:59   Show lyrics
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3. Midday Man 05:51  
  (loading lyrics...)
4. Don't Drink 05:29  
  (loading lyrics...)
5. Sleepwalking 05:07   Show lyrics
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6. Clapham Wood 07:48   Show lyrics
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7. Illusion 04:24   Show lyrics
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8. Let It Roll 04:55   Show lyrics
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9. Away 04:46  
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10. Rattlesnake Shakedown 03:35   Show lyrics
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11. The Dealer 05:17   Show lyrics
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12. Bloody Mary 04:15   Show lyrics
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13. Survivor 06:54  
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14. Looking for Love 03:04  
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Eric Puffett (R.I.P. 2020) Bass
John Fisher Drums
Lawrence Mills Guitars
Chris Harris Guitars
Dave Russell Vocals
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Put together long after the band had been forced to split up and features most of the tracks played by the band at gigs.

Had also been released on CD-R in 2005.

Recording information:

This CD was produced using the original studio master tapes from the SLEEPWALKING album and additional tracks from the Cherry Jam recording sessions.

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