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IV Arrow in Heart


Release date:
April 16th, 2013
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Agonia Records
7 reviews (avg. 91%)
1. An Arrow in Heart 10:38  
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2. One with the Prince with a Thousand Enemies 08:52  
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3. Temple of Knowledge 06:44  
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4. Under the Nails and Fingertips 09:19  
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5. Broken Dialogue 1 03:08  
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6. Broken Dialogue 2 03:08  
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7. Ritual Marks of Penitence 14:14  
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Band members
MkM Vocals
Bst Guitars, Drum programming
Inrvi Bass
Miscellaneous staff
Benjamin A. Vierling Cover art
MkM Vocals
Bst Guitars, Drum programming
Inrvi Bass
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A music video was made for "Ritual Marks of Penitence", directed by Matthieu Spinazzola and David Fit.


Barcode: 5902020284482
Matrix / Runout: ST2493

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