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Antiquus Scriptum > Inner Depression (Syndromes of Fear)
Antiquus Scriptum - Inner Depression (Syndromes of Fear)
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Inner Depression (Syndromes of Fear)

Antiquus Scriptum

Release date:
November 1st, 2009
Catalog ID:
Kvlt666 Produktion
None yet
1. Thy Visionary 10:18   Show lyrics
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2. I.N.R.I. - Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum 09:13   Show lyrics
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3. O Adamastor 04:46   Show lyrics
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4. Kafir 02:49   instrumental
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5. A Batalha de Al-Ashbounah (Ou Lixbona MCXLVII) 09:08   Show lyrics
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6. GuardiƵes do Graal (Ou Lapsit Exilis) 06:10   instrumental
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7. Of Dying Seasons (The Cursed Ones) 11:56   Show lyrics
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8. Abi in Malam Pestem 03:54   Show lyrics
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9. Eine Such nach Wissen 09:20   Show lyrics
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10. In Pulverem Reverteris 01:56   Show lyrics
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11. Bula ad Extirpenda (Thy Saint Office of Inquisition of Faith) 08:58   Show lyrics
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Best-of consisting of excerpts from the band's first two records.

Released in cooperation with Soulsicx Musicx.

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