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Antediluvian > The Divine Punishment
Antediluvian - The Divine Punishment
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Watchers' Reign II: Speculum Angelorum et Hominis

The Divine Punishment


Release date:
September 1st, 2021
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Nuclear War Now! Productions
3 reviews (avg. 68%)
1. Obscene Pornography Manifests in the Divine Universal Consciousness 09:47   Show lyrics
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2. All Along the Sigils Deep 06:03   Show lyrics
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3. How the Watchers Granted the Humans Sex Magick in the Primordial Aeon 08:36   Show lyrics
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4. Guardians of the Liminal 04:13   Show lyrics
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5. Tamasic Masturbation Ritual 03:15   Show lyrics
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6. Sadomaniacal Katabasis (Last Fuck of the Dying) 01:11   Show lyrics
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7. Temple Prostitute 05:14   Show lyrics
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8. Circumcision Covenant 05:23   Show lyrics
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9. White Throne 06:42  
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10. The Liar's Path 05:39   Show lyrics
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11. Winged Ascent unto the Twelve Runed Solar Anus 09:42   Show lyrics
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Band members
Mars Sekhmet Drums
Haasiophis Guitars, Vocals
Aedh Zugna Bass
Miscellaneous staff
Roland Rodas Mixing
Mars Sekhmet Drums
Haasiophis Guitars, Vocals
Aedh Zugna Bass
Roland Rodas Mixing
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Recording information:

Recorded in the three levels of abyss.
Mixed at Cavern of Echoes.
Mastered at Menegroth, the Thousand Caves, Queens, New York, New York, USA.

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