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Blasphemiam / Anorak > Total Culto ao Inferno
Blasphemiam / Anorak - Total Culto ao Inferno
Blasphemiam discography (misc)
< The First Possession
La verdadera encarnacion de la maldad
Blasphemiam discography (all)
< Desde el bajo mundo... todo nuestro odio
Maldades bajo la cruz
Anorak discography (misc)
< Christian Genocide
Anorak discography (all)
< Christian Genocide

Total Culto ao Inferno

Blasphemiam / Anorak

Release date:
May 30th, 2008
Catalog ID:
Holokaostor Productions
None yet
1. Anorak - Intro  
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2. Anorak - Cuss the Cross 02:30   Show lyrics
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3. Anorak - The Goat Is Calling  
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4. Anorak - Judaic Race Extermination  
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5. Anorak - Christian Genocide   Show lyrics
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6. Anorak - Satanic Blood (Von cover)   Show lyrics
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7. Blasphemiam - Intro (Culto Ao Cabro)  
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8. Blasphemiam - Altar del metal  
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9. Blasphemiam - Cruel Comando (Maldades Bajo la Cruz)  
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10. Blasphemiam - Liberacion (de la gran besta)  
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11. Blasphemiam - Holocausto (Caos final)  
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Abyss Iblis Bass
Mortandad Drums
Stormraven Guitars
Blast Guitars
A. Hellbenller Vocals
Galtak Bass
Herege Cult Drums
Nefariuz Guitars
Demoniakus Vocals
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