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Annotations of an Autopsy > Dark Days
Annotations of an Autopsy - Dark Days
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World of Sludge

Dark Days

Annotations of an Autopsy

Release date:
July 18th, 2011
Catalog ID:
Siege of Amida Records
7 reviews (avg. 8%)
1. Buried in a Bad Rep 04:10   Show lyrics
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2. Reznov 04:30   Show lyrics
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3. Dark Days 05:38   Show lyrics
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4. Stage Breaker 04:09   Show lyrics
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Read I'm Following A Trend 0% DarknessShadows666 August 18th, 2016
Read Complete Bullshit, Plain... 0% Troodon_metallicus April 21st, 2015
Read I turned off Nekrogoblikon... 0% Subrick January 19th, 2013
Read A horrid cut-and-pasted... 24% MutantClannfear February 11th, 2012
Read Emmure moved to England 0% DomDomMCMG September 4th, 2011
Read Just Quit Now 0% AthiestWarrior July 29th, 2011
Read Buried In A Bad Rep 30% Slasher666 July 26th, 2011

Released digitally only due to money constraints.

iTunes version includes bonus track:
Ten Ton Hammer (Machine Head cover)

Recording information:

Recorded in spring of 2011
Mastered in April 2011

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Added on: 2011-07-11 15:00:31 Last modified on: 2017-02-27 19:44:17