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Always Close to Your Dark Heart

Animae Capronii

Release date:
April 2008
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
None yet
1. Shameless Vision of a Carnage  
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2. Beneath the Rising Goatmoon  
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3. Esoteric Demon Summon  
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4. Haggworths Summoned in Karnstein  
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5. Beltane Night  
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6. Pagan Hate  
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7. Forgotten Land  
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8. Blasfemia  
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9. The Goddess of the Darkness (Evil Empire cover)  
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10. The Wrath  
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11. Rex Inferi, the Prophecy Beyond the Grave  
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12. Satan Empire  
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Cesare Sannino All instruments, Vocals
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This album was edited in different versions which contained different track-lists.
The one listed here is the official final version.
It also contains some songs made with session members from Kalrog's side-projects Hatecraft & Violent Shit.
A video clip was made for the track 'Pagan Hate'.
All the other songs were played entirely by Kalrog Naar.

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