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Ancient Rites > Scenes of Splendour
Ancient Rites - Scenes of Splendour
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Scenes of Splendour

Ancient Rites

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1. Assyrian Empire  
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2. Satanic Rejoice  
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3. Obscurity Reigns (Fields of Flanders)  
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4. Longing for the Ancient Kingdom  
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5. Crucifixion Justified  
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6. Death Messiah  
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7. Land of Frost and Despair  
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8. From Beyond the Grave  
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9. Morbid Glory (Gilles de Rais 1404-1440)  
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10. Total Misanthropia  
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11. Quest for Blood  
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12. Blood of Christ (Mohammed Wept)  
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13. (Het Verdronken Land van) Saeftinge  
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14. Interview with Gunther and Walter alternated with excerpts of the gig  
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Gunther Theys Bass, Vocals
Walter van Cortenberg Drums
Bart Vandereycken Guitars (on tracks 1-9)
Erik Sprooten Guitars (tracks 10-14)
Jan "Örkki" Yrlund Guitars (tracks 10-14)
Domingo Smets Keyboards (track 14)
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This is actually a bootleg CD-r, released by fans, but Ancient Rites accepted it in their official discography and spread/copied/released it themselves afterwards.

Video-CDR that includes several songs from Descending into Darkness tour '94, Belgian festival gig '97 and documentary from the band's appearance in Dynamo Open Air festival '99.

Descending into Darkness:
Live Wertheim, Germany - 23 January 1994
Tracks 1 - 9

At the Gates of Hell:
Live Zaal Vinea, Veerle, Belgium - 01 May 1998
Tracks 10 - 13

Dynamo Open Air:
Track 14

Total Playing Time: 53:37

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